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Gary C. Stillman
924 9th Street
Arcata, CA 
(707) 407-5225 phone

Mondays - Fridays
12 pm - 5 pm

In February of 2004, Clockworks was established as one of only a few watch & clock repair shops in the Eureka, CA area. Operating in a home shop for the first 9 years, then moving into the commercial space at 924 9th St. Arcata, CA in November of 2013.  
Offering a wide variety of technical services, from the routine maintenance of watch battery/energy-cell replacement to antique clock restoration, including wood case repairs. Whether it chimes, strikes, or is just supposed to keep time, if it doesn’t work right,
Don’t hesitate to call, send an email, or just stop by during business hours.

Watch repairs: Quartz, electric (Accutron), or mechanical

Battery/Energy-cell replacement
Movement cleaning/replacement
Crystal replacement
Mechanical watch service- cleaning, replacing parts, adjusting
Bands- repaired, replaced, or adjusted to fit

Clock Repairs:  Cuckoo, wall, floor, 400-day, Atmos, mantle/shelf, quartz

Movements - cleaned, repaired, replaced - all types
Wood or metal case repairs

Also Offering:

Replacement watch bands
Previously owned watches - several unique styles
Clocks for Sale
In-Home Service
Free advice

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